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2022 - Tough Enough

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“Tough Enough”
Official Music Video by Shirley Lynn

This easy listening relationship song depicts a story of a troubled teenager on her phone, a story engaging three generations. An opener for conversations around teenage issues, cyberbullying, mental health and togetherness.

Video Compilation: Shirley Lynn & Mary V I Harrison

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Artist: Shirley Lynn
Songwriters: Shirley Lynn & Mary V I Harrison
Recording: Shirley Lynn & Adrian Hannan Instrumentation: Adrian Hannan Producer: Adrian Hannan, The Song Store

An indie, pop, folk song - contemporary to our time, layered with a captivating vocal, resonating harmonies, lightly embellished production and instrumental nuances, the sound track supports the depth and emotional story of the song in a heartfelt, relatable way.

The song is available on all major music platforms for digital download and streaming.
For music syncronisation licensing - contact Mary or Shirley

Photograph1: Mary V I Harrison and Shirley Lynn in an online co-writing session.
Photograph 2: Shirley Lynn and Mary V I Harrison at 2021 Australian Songwriter's Conference.

Mary Harrison and Shirley LynnShirley Lynn and Mary Harrison

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