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2023 - Let the Love Flow

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Let the Love Flow - Shirley Lynn“Let the Love Flow”
Excited to announce the release of “Let the Love Flow” the latest single from Shirley Lynn.  This cinematic, synth track with dark, mature edges showcases the hauntingly beautiful melodic and lyrical ideas created by Shirley Lynn and Elizabeth Usher, their song magically transcended into an epic sound experience by producer extraordinaire, Adrian Hannan, The SongStore.

From it’s sensitive intro to the explosive chorus, “Let the Love Flow” is written to capture emotional feels and affirm loving support of being yourself. Though open to interpretation, it's emotional, haunting and reflective.

"Let the Love Flow" Release: 9th March, 2023 to major music platforms for digital download and streaming.

Song Acknowledgements:

Artist: Shirley Lynn
Songwriters: Shirley Lynn & Elizabeth Usher
Vocals recorded by: Shirley Lynn
Instrumentation: Adrian Hannan
Produced, Mixed and Mastered by: Adrian Hannan, The Song Store
Photographs used in Album Art: Sally Nunnerley & Felix Mittermeier
Album Art Design: Shirley Lynn
Video Development: Shirley Lynn
Videos & Video Images: Sally Nunnerley &

Photograph for NQ Music Press by Ingrid Douglas

Video Premiere: 13th March, 2023 to Shirley Lynn Music You Tube Channel.
Premiere Event: AEST: 6pm Queensland Time; AEDT: 7pm NSW Time
World Time Comparisons:

Video Acknowledgements:
Video Development: Shirley Lynn
Photographs in Video Credits: Sally Nunnerley & Felix Mittermeier
PEXELS Video Credits
Pixabay, Royalty Free Videos YT, Alena Darmel, Anastasia Shuraeva, Anthony Shkraba Production, Cotton Bro, Egamifx Studio, Engin Akyurt, Free Creative Stuff, Gustavo Fring, Ivan Samkov, Los Muertos Crew, Mart Production, Mikhail Nilov, Pavel Danilyuk, Polina Kovaleva, Polina Tankilevitch, Rodnae Productions, Ron Lach, Rostislav Uzunov, Taryn Elliott, Yan Krukov, Production ID, StefWithAnF, Chris J Mitchell


Elizabeth and Shirley first met at the Australian Songwriter's Conference in 2016 where Shirley was a first time attendee and Elizabeth had been a return attendee since the conference began. It wasn't until 2020 that Elizabeth and Shirley began their first co-write together, "Wrapping Love Up for Christmas" which made it on the Triple J Unearthed top ten list overall and in Indie category for multiple weeks. Their co-write for "Let the Love Flow" came about when a class that Elizabeth was attending put out a project brief for songs to be submitted for a film and television synchronisation.

"I really dig the vocal effects on this one, nice ebbs and flows, really great song.  It’s just well written.  This is definitely going in my library… this sounds like just a great tune so I dig it nicely done." Comments which landed it in a music supervisor’s library.

Elizabeth Usher: Veganthused | UKEnTHUSED

Photograph1: Elizabeth Usher and Shirley Lynn collaborating online.
Photograph 2: 2021 Australian Songwriter's Conference that Elizabeth and Shirley last attended.

Shirley Lynn & Elizabeth Usher

Australian Songwriter Conference - 2021

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