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2023 - The Indie Fest Film Awards

> The Indie Fest Film Awards

Yay! Two Award acknowledgements with The Indie Fest Film Awards
The Indie Fest Film Awards have notified Elizabeth Usher and Shirley Lynn of the Award of Merit for Original Song and the Recognition Award for Editing for their video, "Let the Love Flow". The two categories for their awards are:
Certificate of Merit - "Let the Love Flow" Original Song
Elizabeth Usher and Shirley Lynn (Australia)Let the Love Flow, Original Song
(Composition and lyrics by Shirley Lynn and Elizabeth Usher) 

Elizabeth Usher and Shirley Lynn (Australia)Let the Love Flow, Editing (Shirley Lynn) of Recognition - "Let the Love Flow" Editing2023/

Thousands of entries are received every year with entries judged against a high standard of merit and scored accordingly. IndieFEST Film Awards is an officially recognized competition through IMDb. This international competition is about helping industry professionals while promoting independent filmmakers of cinematic gems and unique voices to a worldwide audience.

Elizabeth Usher from Sydney, NSW has been songwriting for over 20 years. Elizabeth has been the recipient of Indie Fest Film Awards for her various UKEnTHUSED projects. Shirley Lynn from Clifton Beach, North Queensland has been a performing singer songwriter and vocalist for over 12 years. Elizabeth and Shirley first met at the Australian Songwriter's Conference at Ettalong Beach north of Sydney in 2016 and continue to evolve and dedicate time to their craft and ongoing expression through song.

Their first song, "Wrapping Love up for Christmas" released in 2020 and "Let the Love Flow" released in 2023 were both produced, mixed and mastered in Melbourne by Adrian Hannan, The Song Store.

Taking songs to production is such an exciting part of fulfilling any song's expression. It's another creative layer for decision making, collaborative connections, engagement and execution leading to best outcomes for the song.

Living in different parts of the country or the world for that matter doesn't have to be a limitation to what is possible anymore. Today's technology facilitates this greater possibility for all.

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