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Sea Turtle Quest

Sea Turtle Quest
Sea Turtle Quest
Single Release
Available on CD or digital download

Recorded by Pete Grayson at Tonic Sound, Yorkeys Knob

Song Lyrics

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Sea Turtle Quest - insights

With the opening of the rehabilitation centre at Fitzroy Island, I was given the opportunity to write a song about Sea Turtles to play at the opening which culminated in the song below. The song has since been recorded and as part of my songwriter's repertoire, I get to sing it from time to time. With each the performance of the song it provides me with the opportunity to draw attention to the wonderful work that is being done rehabilitating turtles at the rehabilitation centres. The song is written from the perspective of a turtle and and tells about the quest of the sea turtle.

Six (6) out of seven (7) species of sea turtles can be found on our Great Barrier Reef.

Olive Ridley Turtle
Green Turtle
Hawksbill Turtle
Loggerhead Turtle
Leatherback Turtle
Kemp's Ridley Turtle [not found in our waters]

Now that really brings it close to home. Sea Turtles have been around swimming in the oceans for over 200 million years. The life span of a sea turtle is estimated to be between 60 and 80 years. They spend their entire life at sea except when the female comes ashore to lay her eggs. Turtles are vulnerable in many ways with some turtle species threatened or endangered. Turtles are faced with threats from natural and man made hazards.

In the Cairns area there are two rehabilitation centres - one on Fitzroy Island and one in Cairns itself. These centres are voluntary-based and operate as a not for profit organisation running completely on donations from local businesses and the public. Volunteers offer their time to assist with the general activities of feeding and taking care of the turtles while they are being rehabilitated. The turtles are released back into the ocean when the are rehabilitated.

Contact either the Cairns or Fitzroy Rehabilitation centres to enquire about being a volunteer for this worthy cause.

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Sea Turtle Quest

Intro: [spoken]
From beneath the sand I hatched, digging all the while,
Reflected light, the water – a beacon I recognised..
With legs and muscles pumping, I ran the gauntlet fast,
a hungry mob were waiting, tasting, eating….
I managed to outlast!
I made it to the ocean, fought hard to beat the surf
Shadows round me lurking – new predatory turf
Threats from human hazards – risks so manifest
An epic journey every day – I am a sea turtle.  This is my Quest.

Verse 1

Cast your eyes across the sea, chances are you still might find
That after all these years, I am alive
From hatchling to a juvenile, adult breeding mating while
My best has been done to actually survive.
I am alive, I am alive    But still I need your help
I am alive, I am alive   yet still I need….


To be a gentle sea turtle,
Safe in my home ‘neath the sea
Carefree to swim in my playground
To feel waves wash over me.

Verse 2
Wonderland Great Barrier Reef, ocean to shore and there beneath,
Marine life treasures, a richness so profound
Our habitat it has been bequeathed, with the need to protect, sustain & treat
All nature with the respect that it deserves.


I am alive. I am alive, but still I need your help
I am alive. I’ve the will to survive, yet still I need….


To be a gentle sea turtle,
Safe in my home ‘neath the sea
Carefree to swim in my playground
To feel waves wash over me.

I need to be a sea turtle,
Here in my home ‘neath the sea
Help me avoid dangerous perils
To live, to survive - and be free…


Cast your eyes across the sea, chances are you still might find… me.

Help sea turtles, if you see them in distress
Call EPA to assist  -1300 130 372


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