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Two Hearts and My Kind of Paradise shortlisted...
Australian Songwriter's Association - Songwriter Awards 2013

In 2013, Shirl entered two of her songs [Two Hearts and My Kind of Paradise] into the annual songwriting competition conducted by the Australian Songwriter's Association. On entering the songs feedback was requested. Contact with the association revealed that both songs had been shortlisted in their categories.

" ... In the judging process, BOTH your songs were Shortlisted (which is a fine achievement), with My Kind of Paradise receiving particularly high praise, so Congratulations!!!" [Clare Burgess, Director ASA]

Upon notification, Clare forwarded me the associated email. Receiving notification of this was an acknowledgement that I was totally stoked about. Following is the official email re: being shortlisted.

Dear ASA Contestant

Thank you for your patience in waiting for the results of the 2013 ASA Australian Songwriting Contest. There were a great many entries to process, and the quality was high, so the first round of judges had a tough time determining which songs to include in the Shortlist.  

If you have received this email, however, it means that one of your songs has indeed been Shortlisted. Be excited, as it’s quite an honour! You are amongst the group of songwriters who have had a song progress to the second stage of judging, from which the Top 30 will emerge. So, congratulations!

Please note, that in order to simplify the notification process, we do not specify at this point which of your songs has been shortlisted, but instead are just informing you of how many of your compositions have made it through. Thus, the exact number of times you receive this email, will indicate the exact number of successful entries you have had.

The Top 30 will be posted on the ASA Website in the first week or two of November...fingers crossed you will find your name there too, though it is extremely hard to make that listJ.

The final Top 10 will be announced live at the National Songwriting Awards, on Wed 4  December in Sydney. Regardless of whether you end up being honoured on stage as a Top 10 Finalist, this Awards Night will be a fantastic opportunity to network and have a ton of fun, as well as to hear all the actual, eventual winning songs, so try to make it if you can! Lots of industry people will be there, including Lee Kernaghan and Daryl Braithwaite, who will be performing songs of Garth Porter, who is our Hall of Fame recipient this year. Full details are now on the homepage of our website (, with early bird discounts currently available.

Kind regards

Clare Burgess
Australian Songwriters Association (ASA)

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