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Fitzroy Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Centre Opening
"Sea Turtle Quest"

Sea Turtle Sea TurtleSea Turtle

Shirley Lynn sings her song - "Sea Turtle Quest" at the opening of the Fitzroy Island Rehabilitation Centre for Sea Turtles.> Cairns and Fitzroy Island Rehabilitation Video
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> Website: Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Centre - Cairns

Every small contribution can make a difference.
Writing a song to raise awareness about Sea Turtles was a welcome opportunity and a gesture easily made to be able to contribute to a cause that is doing some amazing things to sustain the livelihood of these peaceful marine creatures who face threats every single day of their lives.

The rehabilitation of sea turtles in the far north was a project founded in 2000 by Jennie Gilbert and Paul Barnes. With a centre in Cairns and now the opening of the Rehabilitation Centre on Fitzroy Island a notable effort has been achieved and made possible Jennie Gilbert at the Fitzroy Island Rehabilitation Centreby the efforts of Jennie and Paul and the many volunteers and sponsors who continue to provide a helping hand with the rehabilitation of the turtles and the management of the centres.

With six of the seven species of turtle actually found on the Great Barrier Reef, it really brings it close to home. As a local North Queenslander it was indeed a privilege to be able to write the song and then to perform it at the opening held on Fitzroy Island on 13th October, 2013.

What a magic day...
The weather turned on its splendour for those who attended the opening of the rehabilitation hospital there at Fitzroy Island very befitting for the occasion Turtle release on Fitzroy Island - Oct 2013and the timely release of the two turtles known as Bonnie and Clyde who had been rehabilitated at the centre. Bob Irwin was the special guest and he mingled with the volunteers and people in attendance at the opening while Jennie Gilbert and volunteers provided information and answered questions about the turtles currently in holding at the centre.

With much media attention, the volunteers assembled in front of the sponsors board, Shirl played her song to a receptive audience, Jennie acknowledged the many sponsors involved with the project and Bob thanked the volunteers and sponsors for their support to Jenny as this is not something that she is able to do just on her own. The resort manager also affirmed how the centre was iconic for the resort and that the efforts and contributions made by all should be something to be very proud of. Bob was thanked for his attendance and support for the project. Turtle release on Fitzroy Island - Oct 2013

As attendees made their way down to the beach, the turtles were removed from the holding tank to be taken to the beach for release. Before returning the turtles to the water some resting time was provided for the turtles in the shade, interviews and photograph opportunities were availed.

The turtles were released to their natural habitat. Wow! What a special day.

Never let a chance go by... on Jim's invite, I got up and did a couple of my tunes and we jammed a song or two at the Fitzroy Island Resort. Yeah! that was fun.

Other footage:
Sea Turtles running the gauntlet

Shirl is a regular performer at Songwriters on the Waterfront hosted by Terry Doyle. Below is a performance of the "Sea Turtle Quest" song performed live at Mondo Cafe Bar and Grill recorded by Terry Doyle. October, 2013. This song is now available on the Shirley Lynn Music Music Page

Shirley Lynn with Bob IrwinGraham, Liz, Sally and RebeccaShirley Lynn and Jennie Gilbert

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