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Local artists on local community radio Cairns FM 89.1

Cairns FM 89.1 is a local community radio station that supports local original music here in Cairns. Over the past couple of years, radio announcers and presenters like Irene Barrett, Col Johnston, Aleta Tulk and Bev Blauuw have been generous in their support for the music of Shirley Lynn Music. For the exposure they have given through interviews and airplay I am very grateful.

Cairns Music Stage is a program put together by radio personality, Marcus Smith. Cairns Music Stage runs random selections from the database of original local songs throughout Thursday night from 10 o'clock through until the morning. The LIVE EDITION of Cairns Music Stage then starts at 10 o'clock on Friday morning when Marcus engages artists and publicists in interviews, talks and chats about local music artists and their working in the local music scene.

On Friday 31st October, Marcus aired an interview he did with me talking about all three iterations - "Shirl" "Silktones" and "Blue Tonic." With this interview I had to opportunity to tell about the gig at the Tablelands Folk Festival at the Royal Hotel in Herberton and the forthcoming gig at the Esplanade. On the same show, Marcus featured conversations with Rhys Tolhurst, Omid Master, Lucky Phil and George Davis.

The promotion and exposure provided for our live local music is always appreciated and with an ever growing database of product from local musicians we are always grateful for the exposure provided by Marcus and the team there at Cairns FM 89.1.

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