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Pearlz Dreaming - The Life and Songs of Shirley Lynn

I met June at Song Trails in Tully in 2012. She was there not only to absorb as much from the weekend workshops as I was but she was there to also gather material for the creative project that she would pull together from the weekend that was in progress.

With more recent contact from June, she offered to do a guest blog article on me and with her relocation to Brisbane she telephoned on the day we'd arranged and we spend considerable time relating to our creative worlds. I wasn't sure what slant June was going to take with the story but she pulled extensively from the conversation that we had and compiled a two (2) part article as a result.

I'd like to invite you to read the article that resulted from the interview with June.
Pearlz Dreaming
Author and Creative: June Perkins

August 8th, 2014
The Life and Songs of Shirley Lynn - Part 1

August 11th, 2014
The Life and Songs of Shirley Lynn - Part 2

I especially like June's statement as she sums up in the second part of the interview.

" Artists like Lynn never give up on their music, rather they have learnt to go with the flow of life, and let that life into their music."

Thanks June.

Shirley Lynn sings her song - "Sea Turtle Quest" at the opening of the Fitzroy Island Rehabilitation Centre for Sea Turtles.June describes herself in the following way:

"I am a storyteller working in many creative mediums - including writing, blogging, video and photography.

I love to support creative practitioners who pursue the upliftment of the human spirit through their arts."

Check out June's Website for more work from this creative.

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