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Acoustic Vocal Sessions with Keesha McLean MCVA

Shirley Lynn singer songwriter at the Palm Cove markets
Acoustic Vocal Sessions run by Keesha McLean of Marlin Coast Vocal Academy have been making a presence in the northern beaches of Cairns to the enjoyment of all attending and participating.

Keesha is a professional vocal coach in the northern beaches of Cairns. She finds performance places for her students and on occasions as a singer songwriter from the local area, I have been invited to play and sing too. I love that. Listening to the vocal calibre and confidence of her students is amazing.

As a northern beaches local, it's always a treat to play in local venues. Palm Cove Markets run at the jetty end of Williams Esplanade. Set in the carpark, vendors bring their wares and sell them as tourists and locals as they walk by. Music here was coordinated by Keesha and it was such a hoot playing out from the back of her car. With an intimate audience the music was well received by market goers and stall holders alike.

The Hotel Grand Chancellor in Palm Cove is where the old Novatel used to be. A great social space serviced by a bar and close to the resort facilities. What a wonderful afternoon being able to play some of my songs and listening to the other talented artists perform theirs also.

A more recent vocal session that I was involved with was held at the Lime Tree Bar & Restaurant - a well known restaurant at Trinity Beach where I have enjoyed food with my family on a number of occasions. Add the layer of live vocal entertainment and its a social space that's very easy to meld into. Photographs taken by Mimi Tannaka August 2014

Acoustic sessions run by Keesha have taken place in a range of hospitality type venues open to the public to come along and enjoy the performances from an array of different music styles.

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