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Shirl on Triple J Unearthed

> Shirl's Profile on Triple J Unearthed

ABC Broadcast program for the discovery of new Australian music provides the opportunity for artists to upload a profile and a selection of their songs to Triple J Unearthed. Shirl has now set up her profile on Triple J Unearthed.

Currently Shirl has two songs uploaded, "My Kind of Paradise" and "Two Hearts".

  • Would you like to review her songs and make a comment?
  • Would you like to telephone Triple J Unearthed and request the qir play for one of my songs.
    Please telephone: 0467345777 and request Shirley Lynn's "My Kind of Paradise" or "Two Hearts".

    Have a listen to the songs on my profile and check out other music from North Queensland local artists as well.

Support from people like yourself for my music is much appreciated and I thank you already.

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