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"Liberty" CD Launch

Jim and Shirley"Liberty" was launched in the presence of family, friends and interested onlookers down on the Waterfront location at Mondos Cafe Bar and Grill at The Hilton Hotel Cairns. On the one hand itwas the perfectlocation for Silktones to launch and release their CD - "Liberty" on the otherhand it was a cool night with the breeze occasionally sending shudders down our spines.

Terry and Rod kicked the night off in usual style, setting the scene for a night of good original music to unfold.

Selina Johnson performed a few of her beautiful tunes delighting us with her amazing vocals. Trev and Peter
shaped up together withguitars entertaining us with a selection of easy listening homegrown flavours. Bec performed on the night with usual delight. She is such a talented young lady and it's always a pleasure to hear her sing and play. Bec has been a staunch regular at Songwriters on the Waterfront over the past couple of years.

Peter Grayson - Tonic SoundThe scene was set and Silktones played some tunes. Performing together as Silktones since 2010, they have on many occasions played their tunes at Songwriters on the Waterfront. Shirley and Jim performed all six(6) songs from their new album - Liberty, No Matter What, Her Waves, Stay Awhile, New Tomorrow and Long Time Dead. They also performed two other songs from this era of songwriting that were not on the album and they were Heading Bush and Going Down, Coming Round. Peter Grayson was acknowledged for the staunch job he did helping us to produce the album over the preceding weeks at his recording studio in Yorkeys Knob - Tonic Sound. There was a lot of learning for all involved in the development of this album.

The songs chosen for inclusion in the album denoted a significant milestone being the earliest songs that both Jim and Shirley had collaborated on.

In usual style at a CD launch, Shirley and Jim sold and signed CDs thanking people for their attendance and wonderful support. It really was special to have family and friends share the celebration of this milestone. It was a notable night as this was the 25th CD to be launched at a Songwriters' night as hosted by Terry Doyle in the 7 1/2 years that he has been doing Songwriters.

Terry and RodTerry and SelinaTrevor and Pete
BecVicki and KerryJim Shirl and Mavis

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