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Cairns Post Awards

> Cairns Post Awards 2013 Article

> 2013 Awards - Voting Survey

> The Cairns Post Hit Awards 2013 gala presentation this Saturday at Gilligan's

I'm elated...
...just to be on the list. There at #10 it asks, "Who was your favourite Far North Queensland solo artist or duo?" Check it out "Shirl" is on the list.

It's a voting thing... I'm not asking you to vote for me - because I know that you will vote for whoever you want to. I'm just sharing and letting you know that I am just pleased to be on the list. OMG - DID YOU SEE WHO ELSE IS ON THERE?

It's a great opportunity to vote for venues, festivals, music groups, DJs, film, international touring group, solo/duo, DJ.

Make your votes count...

Thank you with appreciation if you do vote for me.

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