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Mission Evolve Festival 2013

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Mission Evolve Festival held at Dundee Park at Bingle Bay was again a notable music festival in this year's North Queensland festival line-up.

Mission Evolve features a Songwriter Showcase as part of their program. In a return visit again this year, Shirl performed five of her original tunes with other songwriters on the main stage.

Having a programmed spot on the Evolving 3 stage bought a taste of Blue Tonic to the festival this year as well. Performing a set of their original songs along with selected covers Pete, Trev, Dave, Bob and Shirl performed to an Blue Tonic - Pete, Shirl, Dave, Trev, Bobattentive audience enjoying being a collective part of this year's festival.

A well organised festival, bringing to the stage local and visiting musicians performing over a whole weekend. Workshops, stages and children's activities ensure there is something for everyone in the family. Festivals like Mission Evolve are notorious for the improvised jam sessions that can take place away from the main stage.

You'll find an album of photographs capturing moments at the festival from the following link.

Photographs: Mission Evolve 2013 [some festival moments]

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