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Competition Finalists - 2013 Port Douglas "Song of Carnivale"

Shirl is a finalist in the 2013 search for Port Douglas' Song of Carnivale. Shirl performed her song, "My Kind of Paradise". Along with Grey Opetaia performing "Welcome One and All" and Sophie O'Gorman- Petrack performing "We Have it All" these finalists will go on to perform their songs again at the official launch of Carnviale.

Media Release:

> Song of Carnivale Finalists [pdf: 800kb] - Finalists will play at the Carnivale Launch party

Live recordings were captured from all three as songs were performed at Central Hotel, Port Douglas.

The winning songwriter will receive recognition and an array of prizes. “The winner will be given recognition throughout Carnivale media platforms including regional radio, television and print where applicable. A professional studio recording of the song (value $500) will be offered to the winner, as well as other prizes,” said Ms Hurley.

Insights to the song by Shirl:
"My Kind of Paradise"

"The writing of My Kind of Paradise was inspired by the regional area where I live. I'm a North Queenslander and I am very proud of the place where I live and where I come from. I was born on the Atherton Tablelands and have been living in the Cairns regional area for over 20 years.

Systems of inland waters flow down from the hinterland through rainforest gorges to merge with the ocean on the coast. Where the ocean meets the shore - it's like a blanket covering the reef and all that lies underneath. Onshore beauty abounds. Many come to seek and explore this paradise...

Like the water continually flowing, the ebb and flow of a dynamic and everchanging realm of life is constantly being created and recreated. Tasting, watching, dancing and playing - My Kind of Paradise is as much about the inner journey where paradise is found within and manifests itself into externalised experiences coloured and shaped by the feelings within to find abundance, oneness and connectedness."

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