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Young Australian Film Maker - Kyle Wilson

Kyle is an amazing young, Australian filmmaker and musician who comes from Cairns, North Queensland. He shoots, directs and edits music videos, artist promos and short films creating improvised videos and developing creative content.

Some examples of Kyle's work can be found in the following locations.


GoodNews BurningFire: The Musical

A musical shot for the 48 Hour Film Festival
Director/Actor/Song Writer
Made in 48 Hours.
International awards include:
Best Film of City:
Best Writing of City: Dundee
Screened in Filmapalooza, Hollywood 2013
Nominated Best Actor: Worldwide
Best Musical: Worldwide

Jumble Culture

Made for the 48 Hour Eco Film Challenge.
Jumble Culture is a non-narrative cinematic montage about the inexhaustible fuel of the human condition.
Directed and Edited by Kyle Wilson
Produced by Greta Evangelista
Written by Tamlyn Magee

Little Earth Productions - You Tube Channel
Little Earth Productions - Facebook

North Queensland Singer Songwriter - Shirley Lynn

Shirl is an award winning North Queensland singer songwriter, female vocalist and guitarist. Her original tunes explore simple concepts, philosophical realms and insightful story lines.

"My Kind of Paradise" written by Shirl was awarded the 2013 Song of Carnivale. Shirl released her debut CD - "It's About Time" at the end of 2012. Some examples of Shirl's work can be found in the following locations.


Songwriters on the Waterfront with Terry Doyle at Mondos Bar and Grill, The Hilton

Songwriters on the Waterfront at Mondos Bar and Grill, The Hilton is a weekly event run by Terry Doyle. With "strictly originals" only allowed, each week local songwriters can be heard performing their own home grown tunes many who have gone on to record their own CD. Almost in its sixth year now, Terry has launched some 20 CD's associated with Songwriters on the Waterfront.

This weekly ritual continues to be a local cultural practice well appreciated by songwriters who have dropped by to perform there. Big kudos to Terry Doyle and also to the Hilton Hotel - Mondos Bar and Grill management and staff for the continued support for this longstanding practice.

Mondos Cafe Bar and Grill - Facebook

"Songwriters on the Waterfront is the perfect place to release the video," says Shirl. "It's become a regular thing that I love to do to head down to Songwriters where I get to play a few of my tunes and be part of a network of people who appreciate, support and encourage each other in their song writing endeavours."


Rescheduled - Background information

We do apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Weather permitting on Thursday 29th August we plan to reschedule the release of the music video at Songwriters on the Waterfront at Mondos. Hope you can still join us. If there is any uncertainty about the weather, contact the restaurant directly and they will be able to advise. Phone: 40502096

Songwriters onthe Waterfront banner - by Terry Doyle

Banner by Terry Doyle.


Why was it rescheduled?

The Event was planned for Thursday, 22nd August at Songwriters on the Waterfront at Mondos. Mondos is a spectacular indoor - outdoor restaurant overlooking the waterfront.

In the late afternoon it did rain, the hills couldn't be seen for clouds and rain had been forecast for Cairns. We were keeping an eye on the weather all day and it hadn't rained at the beaches at all. The days leading up to the event were simply glorious. How dare it rain on our parade... but it did and at the time it did decisions had to be made. With weather pending, the set up of electrical equipment outside is not an option. The notion then of fitting everyone in out of the rain at Mondos along with a large screen and a projector was just not logistical.

That night it could have poured rain and that would have easily validated the decision that was made but it didn't - it actually was a magic night there at Mondos so I recognise that for some there was question at why it had been cancelled. It was a buzz when I took my family there for dinner anyhow. While a number of reservations had been cancelled as a result of the Songwriters Event being cancelled there was good attendance still at the restaurant.

Such decisions are not made lightly, as a lot of additional effort is then involved in cancelling and rescheduling.

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