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The Video Pemiere

"My Kind of Paradise" video was successfully released at a Premiere event featured at Songwriters on the Waterfront - at Mondo Cafe, Bar and Grill, The Hilton, Cairns on 29th August, 2013. This shared viewing of the video bought together family, friends, supporters and interested spectators to witness the celebration of creative effort culminated in this music video clip. Thank you to all who joined us for the event.

Please note: The advertising banner on the video is the result of syncronisation that monetises the video. Please just click it off to view the video.

Last night at Songwriters on the Waterfront was special for me. It was the perfect location to premiere my music video culminating from the RADF project developed in collaboration with Kyle Wilson.

We were privileged to be able to share the celebration of this occasion with family, friends, music supporters and interested spectators on a magic night at Songwriters on the Waterfront at Mondos.

Many thanks to Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) for the funding provided to facilitate the development of this project. I'm sure I can speak on Kyle's behalf here too - we both very much appreciate the means that this funding agreement has provided.
(Regional Arts Development Fund is a partnership between the Queensland Government and the Cairns Regional Council to support local arts and culture. )

Many thanks to Kyle Wilson for his amazing work, his perceptiveness and his creative talent that he so adequately demonstrates in this video as he does again and again in the projects that he is involved in.

Many thanks again to the cast and the crew involved in the video - Kairi Annalea, Jim McCabe, Graham Lee, Tamlyn Magee, Kris Lupinski, Dakoda Wilson. Your willingness to be involved in this project has meant a lot to me and I regard you all very highly in your chosen capacity for creativeness.

Many thanks to my amazing husband who on the night switched roles from the roadie to the projector man. Graham is such a staunch support and let me tell you I let him know often how much I appreciate him - because I do.

Many thanks to Jim and Graham (they're called - Double Trouble) who work with me to learn my songs and provide the backing support on occasions like this. I really appreciate the added value that they bring to the performances we work on. Many thanks to Morag also who I love to have play flute for me and who too is always so willing to join me for a performance. I love that.

Many thanks to all songwriters who performed on the night - Jo, John, Bec, Kyle, Tamlyn and Deb and to those who come along to Songwriters whenever they can - these people make Songwriters on the Waterfront the special place that it is week in week out.

Many thanks to Terry Doyle for the dedication to running Songwriters for some 6 years now - very commendable Terry. Many people besides myself appreciate this nurtured environment that Terry perpetuates - many have passed through and many will continue to pass through. It's a magic location at Mondo Café, Bar and Grill - an awesome spot for any night of the week.

Many thanks to everyone who came along specifically for the video premiere on the night. Your support is genuinely appreciated.

Many thanks also to all who now will view the video - your interest is also genuinely appreciated.

If you've read this far... you are remarkable...

Songwriter performances on the night

Special thanks to these songwriters and performers on the night. It's the variety of the artists that come along to Songwriters that makes every songwriter night as special as it is.

Bec Langtree John Buttergig
Joanne and Terry
Bec Langtree
John Buttergig
Kyle Wilson

Tamlyn Magee Deb Robinson
Kyle Wilson
Tamlyn Magee
Deb Robinson
Morag, Jim, Graham and Shirl

Shirl, Kyle and Terry Shirl and Kyle
Morag, Jim, Graham, Shirl
Shirl, Kyle, Terry Shirl and Kyle
Thanking everyone

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