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The Project
Music Video - "My Kind of Paradise"

Start Date: 1st July, 2013
Release Date: 29th August, 2013

What an exciting project to be working on - Shirl - singer songwriter and Kyle Wilson - creative film maker from Little Earth Productions. Select each heading below to expand.

Thoughts about the Project

"Kyle has such a fluid, cinematic style in his approach to film making with an eye for capturing things in a creative way." says Shirl. "So inspired by his work, Kyle was the perfect choice for working with me on this video project and I am thrilled with the result that he has achieved". From the beginning to the end of the video there is a story going on. He has captured depth through multiple perspectives while still leaving the audience in a position to gauge their own interpretation of the song and I particularly like that."

Shot here in our regional area the video draws on the local landscape where the rainforest meets the sea. Kyle portrayed 'My Kind of Paradise' especially well from the inner dimension that the song relates to. Finding paradise within is a masterful state. How does one become at one with the reality of what is? Through the internal paradise, experiences are coloured and externalised with a sense of wellbeing, feeling alive and being free.

Taste, Watch, Dance and Play entices the connection between both inner and outer worlds to find paradise within paradise...

Locations - Visual inspirations

Inspired by the local regional area, the video draws on visual imagery from North Queensland. Three locations in the final cut are:

Barron River Waterway
"The Barron River was virtually in Kyle's backyard and it was not a context that I had particularly thought of. With the intuitiveness of this inclusion it has grown as part of my story referencing my original North Queensland connection. While Clifton Beach, Cairns is where I now live, I was born on the Atherton Tablelands and my father spent many occasions swimming and playing alongside the Barron River where he was raised. The connection fits and the continuous flow of this waterway between where I was born, my family there and where I reside now in the Cairns Regional area is of personal significance..."

Lower Barron Gorge - Rainforest scenes
"A number of locations had been contemplated for the performance shots. When we arrived on location for this stage of the filming there was no question about it - it just felt right. There we were underneath this amazing rainforest canopy in the Lower Barron Gorge with the Barron River flowing nearby - and for the other rainforest scenes thereafter the rope like vines were far better than I ever imagined they could be..."

Pebbly Beach - Beach scenes
"Headed north to Port Douglas we set off to capture our beach scene, some footage was taken at Four Mile Beach and Kooya Beach and we stopped by Pebbly Beach on the way back to Cairns. As soon as we set foot on Pebbly Beach it just felt right...

At this amazing location Kyle captured magic shots of Tamlyn (the young woman) first as an observer looking out across the ocean into her view of the world, and the incredible depiction of her in the water - 'at one with nature' and the fluid flow of life...
That's my kind of paradise."

Water threads the story together. Like life's fluidity - ever changing and ever flowing. Paradise lies within...

Song depictions include..

Depictions align to references like:

"Along the ocean's edge as each wave washes in like a blanket spread upon the shore..."

"Underneath the canopy where vines hang to the ground like ropes for climbing way up to the sky ..."

The Locations

Three main locations were chosen as contexts within which this video would be captured.
Barron River waterway

lower Barron Gorge Pebbly Beach
River Waterway
Barron River
Rainforest Scene
Lower Barron Gorge
Beach Scene
Pebbly Beach

Cast and Crew

Kyle Wilson - film maker

Shirley Lynn - Songwriter/Performer Kairi Annalea - Costume Wardrobe
Kyle Wilson
Film maker
Shirley Lynn
Kairi Annalea
Costume - Wardrobe
Jim McCabe - Performer

Graham Lees - Performer Tamlyn Magee - young woman
Jim McCabe
Graham Lee
Tamlyn Magee
Young woman
Dakota Wilson - young girl

Kris Lupinski- young man Joel Bell - the painter
Dakota Wilson
Young girl

Kris Lupinski
Young man

Joel Bell
An artist

A gallery of images from the project will be added to this page after the premiere event.

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