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The Regional Arts Development Fund is a Queensland Government and Cairns Regional Council partnership to support local arts and culture.

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The Video Promotion

Promotion of the video was an outcome to achieve as part of this RADF project. A range of strategies were undertaken including the following:

Printed cards were given away and made available at the Premiere night. These will continue to be used to provide links to where the video and all its information can be found. The video has been provided to and will be shown in the forthcoming 4th Episode as planned.

table flyer Episode 4

Relevant and timely broadcasts and announcements were made via our personal facebook pages, our fan pages. The video was shared across networks within the facebook community. A facebook event was created to invite people to the Premiere Event.

Little Earth Productions Fan Page

Shirl Fan Page

Twitter to Shirl

Relevant and timely broadcasts and announcements were made via twitter.

Video uploads have been made to You Tube with video then embedded into Reverbnation and linked from My Space.

Kyle's You Tube Page

Shirl's You Tube Page

Beat 100 Music Video Repository

Beat 100 is another music video network for musicians to publish video content to promote music and make connections with others through music. Beat 100 includes music video charts and Awards for uploaded videos. The following awards were received when "My Kind of Paradise" was submitted.

beat 100 awards

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