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What a magic night. The Waterfront location at Mondos was the perfect location for Shirl to launch and release her CD - "It's About Time".

Shirl returned to singer songwriter nights with Terry Doyle Entertainment after Queensland Music Festival Songtrails program inspired her to make a presence and do more to develop her original material.

On the night, Terry and Peter got things kickstarted, setting the scene for a night of good original music to unfold.

Jade and Claire Watson (Shirl's nieces) were up first performing a couple of their home grown originals in their debut performance at Mondos. As always it's a treat to have new artists come forward and join in with their original material. They were both warmly received and it was special for Shirl to have her nieces play at her CD launch. From Brisbane, these sisters merge their creative talents in a blend of unique originality.

Regular performers at Mondos on the Waterfront, singer songwriters Ray-lee Russell and Becky Langtree performed with usual delight. These talented ladies provided high calibre singer songwriting with stylish confident performances enjoyed by all. Big things in the making for these gorgeous young women both started on the way of an incredible music journey.

The scene was set and the time was right. Wholeheartedly applauded by an audience of family and friends, it was Shirl's night to draw focus to the songs that she had chosen to record for her first singer songwriter album.

The songs chosen for the album were reminiscent of what would fit with the overall theme [TIME] and underlying concepts [CHANGE and REALITY] which emerged as the project evolved.

Shirl performed five(5) songs from the album solo - Procrastinator's Lust, Yesterday's Tomorrow, 2012 - Grand Illusion, About Time and Two Hearts. Shirl was joined on the sixth by Morag Gane (a close friend) on flute for the performance of "Fly Like a Bird." It was special to have Morag perform with Shirl on the night and to have had her involved with the recording process for the song on the album. Chris Ellis was acknowledged for his work adding keyboard and bass tracks to each of the songs on the album.

Further value to purchasing the CD would be the harmonies added by Shirl elevating each song to a heightened listening experience.

Mel and Andy played the final set for the night with a combination of Mel's quirky songs and a great instrumental combination from them both. (Mel and Shirl conspired to become regulars at Mondos Singer Songwriter nights after doing Queensland Music Festival "Songtrails" in 2012).

In usual style at a CD launch, Shirl sold and signed CDs thanking people for their attendance and wonderful support. It really was special to have family and friends share the moment with Shirl.

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