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Music in the City with Shirl - City Place

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Shirl playing at City Place. Silktones have also played at City Place on a number of occasions.

Shirl took her music to City Place on 30th November, 2012 playing lots of original tunes with some covers thrown in.

Morag and Trevor joined Shirl on a couple of songs at the end of the afternnoon. It was great to have people drop by, others who just passed through with a nod and a smile, some who stopped to pass on their comments and others who took time out sat and listenined for a while. I absolutely loved to see the two young children who were doing their dance moves in front of me. That was such a treat.

Through Cairns Regional Council and program partners there has been a commitment and willingness to create a locally grown product for the continued growth of the local music scene. The Esplanade and City Place play host to regular weekly entertainment.

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