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Music on Magnetic – 2010, 2011, 2013 - a great experience immersed in music culture, sharing and learning with others - strong friendships and return visits ensue.
People's creative endeavours are well supported and encouraged. Workshop streams have catered for song writing and arranging, creative endeavours, vocal development, instrumentation, percussion and dance with expertise provided by: Beat Leahman, Linsey Pollack, Kristina Olsen, Andrew Vievers, Simone Pope, Shenzo, Greg Sheehan, Parvyn Singh and more...

With inspiration from these music camps Shirl has written many new songs. "Oh Kristina" was one of these inspired by the music camp and written with an appreciation for the opportunity the camps provide to engage with well acclaimed performers and artists. The generosity of the teachers with the sharing of their time and their expertise is quite notable.

I was stoked to get to play Kristina's red guitar - above playing slide at the concert finale.

Music on Magnetic 2013
Music on Magnetic 2011
Music on Magnetic 2010

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