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Queensland Music Festival - "Song Trails"


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Shirl took part in Queensland Music Festival Song Trails for a second year. In 2011, Shirl participated in the Queensland Music Festival Song Trails in Atherton as one of the Queensland regional areas where Song Trails provided expertise to aspiring songwriters.

In 2012, Song Trails was again conducted by Queensland Music Festival however, only two select regions were chosen and Tully was one of them. While Shirl doesn't come from Tully, interested songwriters were invited to attend. (Shirl's personal connection to Tully though is through her mother's family history in the region - her mother began her training as a nurse in the Tully hospital. Relatives of her family also still live there.)

The Tully Song Trails Weekend, was a joint initiative of Queensland Music Festival, Cassowary Coast Regional Council, APRA and the Queensland Government. It was made possible through the sponsorship support of Kareeya Hydro.

The workshop was run by Peter Farnan (Boom Crash Opera) and Sydney-based hip-hop artist Morganics and associated staff of Cassowary Coast Regional Council.

The workshop program kicked off on the Friday night with a presentation of original songs by participants - critiqued by Peter and Morganics. Shirl played her song, "Blue Tonic".

On Saturday the workshop centred around the song writing process with Peter and Morganics demonstrating their individual processes for developing a song. In the afternoon the participants were allocated into groups and time provided to collaborate a piece of work together.

On Sunday, two songs were selected from the collaborative group sessions to be used for the digital recording workshop on Sunday. Plans were underway for a community concert with preparations underway and a dress rehearsal to get the run through for the night.

On Sunday night a successful concert was held with many menbers of the community in attendance providing a showcase of group songs and participant songs as shared for the critiqueing session. The Song Trails workshop weekend was the best workshops of this kind that I have attended.

Shirl met some wonderful people at Song Trails and that's another beauty to this sort of occasion - the networking begins. In follow up to Song Trails, Sue Day and Shirl organised sessions to get together and work up some songs together. Shirl and Mel Irvine conspired to become regulars in at Songwriter's on the Waterfront in Cairns.

Blue Tonic Video

Solo - Songtrails in Tully 2012 from June Perkins

Throw Me In the Water - Songtrails in Tully 2012 from June Perkins

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