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Professional Development Activities

shirlIn order to evolve and develop as a songwriter or an artist one must tred the path for continual improvement. With active engagement in professional development one is exposed to new learning experiences, network opportunities and collaborative endeavours. Following are PD activities that Shirley has engaged in over the years.

Professional Development activities have included:

2022 2023 - Sync or Swim Music Events, Clinics & Community Challenges
2022 - Produce Like a Boss - Logic Pro X
2021 - 23 Australian Songwriter's Conference held at Ettalong Beach & ongoing webinar events.

2020 2021 - Australian Songwriter's Conference amidst Covid facilitated online delivery of associated Sydney and Melbourne Songwriter Circles, critiques, workshop sessions and Masterclasses including: Song Surgery with Alan Roy Scott, Masterclass with Pamela Oland, Collaboration - Jetty Road, Pitch to Native Tongue, Sound Pound All About Sync Session 1 & 2, Hooks with Michael Saleta, Festive & Children's songs - Amber Lawrence, Songwriting from the Body - Naomie Crane, Karl Richter re Disco and Level 2.

2020 - iHeart Songwriting Club activities included Apra Amcos workshop sessions - Melody Workshop, Beat Production Workshop, Music Video Workshop and Craft a Show Workshop along with three VIP coaching sessions with Francesca.

2019 - Carter and Carter Targetted Songwriting Retreat - King Lake, Victoria.
Conducted by David and Merelyn Carter, the retreat also included Lyn Bowtell, Lee Bowman, Paula Bowman and Lachlan Bryan. Budding songwriters converged for an intensive weekend honing skills and writing songs. Evening song sharing was a highlight hearing the amazing songs that were written at the retreat.

2019 - July Dag Songwriting Retreat - Nundle, near Tamworth
Working with prominent songwriters, well known established artists and musicians the retreat focusd on songwriting, recording, artist development, collaboration, stage presence and more. OUr 2019 tutors were: Kevin Bennett, Jeremy Edwards, Jen Mize, Shane Nicholson, Luke O'Shea, Felicity Urquhart, Jefef Gibson and Lyn Bowtell.

2018 - Carter and Carter Targetted Songwriting Retreat - King Lake, Victoria. Conducted by David and Merelyn Carter, the retreat also included Lyn Bowtell, Luke Austin and Adrian Hannan. Budding songwriters converged for an intensive weekend honing skills and preparing songs for upcoming projects, preparing to pitch to artists, publishers etc. Each participant received individual focus.

2018 - Australian Songwriters Conference - Ettalong Beach
The conference pivoted around all things in relation to songwriting and the music industry, writing songs to recording to publishing. Held at Ettalong Beach just north of Sydney.

2018 - SongTown Crash Course - Writing to Track
This online program provided the opportunity to top line and write songs to recorded tracks. Within the course comments and feedback were provided to participants about the songs that were created.

2018 - Essentials Guitar Workshop with Richard Gilewitz - Burleigh Waters
This two-day workshop included practical sessions incorporating Rhythm and Food, Effective Chord Transfers, The Fingerpicking Engine, Preparing Mind, Body and Spirit for Playing, Music Theory, World of Sixteenths, Using the Metronome, Alternate Tunings.

2017 - Songwriting Workshop with Carter and Carter - Cairns
David and Merelyn conducted an action based workshop engaging all in the process of songwriting collaboration to write the song, "Colours of You" within the afternoon.

2016 - Australian Songwriters Conference - Ettalong Beach
With the assistance of a Regional Arts Development Fund grant,
I attended this conference in June. The conference provided the opportunity for many like minded people to come together in the context of learning development specifically for songwriting. Associated with the professional development project I addressed students at TAFE North with information about the conference and the RADF grant that I received to be able to attend the conference.

2015 - Pat Pattison Masterclass
In the evening Masterclass Pat took a selection of songs and put them through a workout - making suggestions for how they could be improved, explaining the reasons for the shifts he was suggesting. Valuable insights were gained through this process regardless of whether your song was getting the work out or if someone elses' song was getting the workout.

2015 - Pat Pattison Seminar Workshop
The weekend workshop drew forth needs from the group with information, processes and examples provided for ways to look at songs to make good songs even better. Pat focused on prosody between the intent of the song and structure, rhyme, rhythm, point of view, phrasing and more. It was all about writing better lyrics and shaping songs to make them even better. This seminar really showed how to take songs to another level.

2015 - Music Industry Workshop - Capacity Building Workshop co-ordinated by Leanne Tennant and Roz Pappalardo to hear from some music industry professionals including Graham Ashworth (Footstomp Music) Jodi Martin (Independent self-managed artist), Mark Myers (producer) Kerstin Kehren (incoming entertainment editor, Cairns Post) and local music industry icon, Terry Doyle.

2015 - Max T Barnes - Songwriting Masterclass - Write Better Songs and Get Them Cut - Holloways Beach Sporting Complex. Max talked about American industry experience and the formula he has devised for cutting to the chase to get songs heard with the potential to be cut.

2014 - Summersong Music Camp – Lennox Heads – 2014 – song writing, instrumentation, percussion, performance, band labs, music reviews, and vocal development. A wonderful community collective within which participants selected from the various workshops on offer to be engaged in.

2014 - - A Berklee College online Songwriting course conducted by Pat Pattison A fabulous online course freely available putting the learner through the paces to develop strategies and techniques for better songwriting.

Some previous professional development activities have included:

Music on Magnetic
 – 2010, 2011, 2013 - a great experience immersed in music culture, sharing and learning with others - strong friendships and return visits ensue. People's creative endeavours are well supported and encouraged. With inspiration and appreciation of the program Shirl's song "Oh Kristina" was written. Shirley has since played the song to Kristina Olsen (songwriting teacher) who the song was about in a private sitting when on the island.

Workshop streams at the MOM camps cater for song writing and arranging, creative endeavours, vocal development, instrumentation, percussion and dance with expertise provided by: Beat Lehman, Linsey Pollack, Kristina Olsen, Andrew Vievers, Simone Pope, Shenzo, Greg Sheehan, Parvyn Singh etc. etc. [New classes and instructors engaged in the program each year.]

Queensland Music Festival Song Trails - another great experience immersed in the music culture - song writing and recording - 2011 in Atherton and 2012 in Tully. Experienced mentors - Peter Farnan and Morganics ran workshops and facilitated collaborative outcomes creating and recording songs and preparing for collective performances at the community concert as a culmination to the experience.

Exposing Your Music and Festival Application Workshop - The A Game held at the Tanks Centre. Paul Watson, Chanel Lucas, Mickie Sellton and Fleur McMenamin provided lots of resourceful information on how to expose your music and tips for making successful applications for festivals.

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