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About Shirley Lynn:
There's a touch of country in all she does, though she's not afraid to sit outside the box, to mix up genres and blend styles. Shirley Lynn hails from North Queensland, a performing songwriter with an eclectic mix of songs with defined difference prepared to explore concepts, ideas or storylines driven by mindful authenticities for love, life and living.
Produced musical works cross boundaries at times fusing elements from country blues, country rock, country ballad, alt country, contemporary and traditional country, folk and roots influences.

With best intention, listeners are invited to see something for themselves and maybe of themselves in the songs written by Shirley.

According to Joni Mitchell, "... the process of being able to listen to the music and only seeing me [the artist]then you're not getting anything out of it, but if you listen to that music and you see yourself, it'll probably make you cry and you'll learn something about yourself and now you're getting something out of it. And those are the people with whom my communication is complete."
Reference: The Joni Mitchell Interview

"Congratulations, 3 great songs with wonderful meaning and warmth. You have such a positive & welcoming aura on stage which we thoroughly enjoyed... Thankyou!"
Cairns to Nashville Song Comp Summary: Keesha McLean, Brett Charles, Ray Elias.
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AWARDS and Mentions

2020 - "It's Ok to Not Be Ok" co-write - Semi-Finalist UK Song Competition - Spiritual
2020 - "It's Ok to Not Be Ok" co-write - Semi-Finalist UK Song Competition - Open
2020 - "It's Ok to Not Be Ok" co-write - Highly Commended UK Song Competition - Lyrics
2020 - "It's Ok to Not Be Ok" co-write - Top 30 Australian Songwriter Association - Spiritual
2019 - "Life's About the Little Things" co-write - Lyricist of the Year Awards Special mention
2018 - "Life's About the Little Things" co-write - Tamworth Songwriter Association Salute Awards - Contemporary Country Ballad. recorded by Carter and Carter "Better Day" album.
2018 - "Life's About the Little Things" co-write - Tamworth Songwriter Association Salute Awards - Country Song of the Year. Recorded by Carter and Carter.
2018 - "Life's About the Little Things" co-write - Finalist in UK Song Competition - Country
2018 - "Life's About the Little Things" co-write - Finalist in UK Song Competition - Lyrics
2018 - "Sea Turtle Quest" - UK Song Comp - Special Mention
2018 - "Fallen Angel" and "My Kind of Paradise" - UK Song Comp - Highly Commended
2018 - "Who Knows" - co-write - UK Song Comp - Commended
2016 - “My Kind of Paradise” - Australian Songwriter Conference award.
2016 - “Sea Turtle Quest” - Australian Songwriter Conference award.
2016 - “Life's a Great Adventure” - Australian Songwriter Conference award.
2015 - “My Kind of Paradise” - Best Song - Max T Barnes Cairns to Nashville Song Comp.
2013 - “My Kind of Paradise” - Port Douglas - Song of Carnivale. 

Long Biography

A North Queensland singer songwriter, Shirley shares mindful authenticities through her love of music and songwriting including penned songs about her North Queensland home -"Live and Let Live", "My Kind of Paradise", "Hullabaloo", "Tropical Mojo", "New Tomorrow", "Sea Turtle Quest", "Crocodile Wise", "Barron River Dreaming"...

As a performer, Shirley draws from an extensive repertoire of original and cover songs customisable to suit any event.

Over the years Shirley has been engaged at festivals, events, gigs and performances at venues in and around North Queensland. Shirley is one of three judges in the prestigious annual Tablelands Folk Festival Song Writing Competition at the longest running Queensland festival held in Yungaburra in October each year.

Since the writing of "My Kind of Paradise" her first award winning song, Shirley has been the recipient of multiple awards for song writing. She is a two time recipient of Regional Arts Development Funding - a Queensland Government and Cairns Regional Council support initiative for local arts and culture.

Her first EP, "It's About Time" was released amidst end of the world "Doomsday" Maya calendar predictions. New Age interpretation however, marks it as the start of a period of positive transformational change for Shirley reflected in songs of new age positivity and experimental style exploring concepts, ideas, storytelling prowess, love and life lenses for conscious living. A second EP, "Liberty" was recorded with the duo, Silktones and live recording done with the band, "Blue Tonic".

"Sea Turtle Quest" written and performed for the opening of the Fitzroy Island Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Centre draws on the need for continued help and caring consciousness in the world we live.

"Beaten and Broken" responds to a true story about a mother's love, hope and survival of her teenage daughter after a brutal assault and violation of human rights. - A case that still remains unsolved.

In more recent times though,
"Life's About the Little Things" a co-written song now recorded on Carter and Carter "Better Day Album" highlights the value of simple ordinary things in life and is an award winning song with two Tamworth Salute Awards in 2018 - Contemporary Country Ballad and Country Song of the Year, a double finalist in UK song competition and special mention in Lyricist of the Year Awards 2019.

"It's OK to Not Be OK" - recorded at The Song Store, Melbourne
a co-written song with Alan Roy Scott (LA) addresses the need for mental emotional care with the importance of acknowledging feelings with self-compassion and self-acceptance. A semi-finalist in two categories of UK Songwriter Competition in 2020 as well as being placed in top 30 in Australian Songwriter Association awards in 2020.

"Keep it Real" - recorded at The Song Store, Melbourne
A song inspired by self realisation. The song challenges the listener to question thoughts and beliefs. Everyone gets caught up in the human condition and as we look to the world outside, people are the mirrors constantly reflecting this. Liberation from suffering comes from seeing things as they really are.

"Cry Baby Cry" - recorded at The Song Store, Melbourne
Human experience is created within, we are each the source of our own joy. It doesn't matter what we have or what we have not. Face each day with clarity and an open mind. Experience the wellbeing and joy that's possible. Now that could be something to truely cry about.

With the creative arm of music constantly in process, Projects are continually in evolvement. Ongoing song writing relationships forged with Australian and International songwriters aim to nurture the development of songs in preparation for potential recording and production to create song demos for potential pitching as well as personal music outcomes.

In an era when ageism and gender equity are more likely to be addressed they can still be somewhat alienating and a determined effort is always made to fuel persistence and build on opportunities that dare one to reach for new aspirations and be brave enough to see into the midst of potential frontiers and possibilities. I'm grateful for the vast array of experiences that continue to unravel in stepping a path of creative expression.

Recorded Music

Life's About the Little Things - Carter and Carter"Cry Baby Cry"
2020 - "Cry Baby Cry" - Radio Song Release - February
Recorded at The Song Store with Adrian Hannan.
As a glass half full kind of girl myself, it's realised that change in our world can be made with a change from within. As simple as it may seem it has potential to shift the perception of one's own experience.

Life's About the Little Things - Carter and Carter"Keep it Real"
2020 - "Keep it Real" - Radio Song Release soon
Recorded at The Song Store with Adrian Hannan.
A song inspired by self realisation. The song challenges listeners to question thoughts & beliefs. Liberation from suffering comes from seeing things as they really are.

Life's About the Little Things - Carter and Carter"It's OK to Not Be OK"

2019 - "It's OK to Not Be OK" co-written with Alan Roy Scott - Recorded at The Song Store with Adrian Hannan.
A song to raise awareness for mental health with the understanding that spiritual, mental and emotional wellbeing are just as important as physical wellbeing everyday.

Demos and Tracks
2018 - Four songs were the outcome of this project. "Fallen Angel", "Tangled Blue", "Never Let Go" and "A Little Wiser".
Life's About the Little Things - Carter and Carter

In a project toplining to tracks four songs have initially been created unfolding songs each with a flavour of their own including country, country pop and adult contemporary styles.

"Life's About the Little Things"
- Carter and Carter - Better Day album
2017 - "Life's About the Little Things" co-written with David and Merelyn Carter, Mary Harrison, Sam Bellamy, Robyn Hull, John Collins and Shirley Lynn. Released on Carter and Carter - Better Day album.

Life's About the Little Things - Carter and Carter"Life's About the Little Things" is a song that acknowledges the value of the little things in life.
It's the everyday the ordinary happenings.
They'll make you smile, They make life worthwhile,
They're the little things, Yeah the little things.

Purchase music here.

"Crocodile Wise" Live Performance Video by Silktones
2015 - "Crocodile Wise" written by Jim McCabe and Shirley Lynn - live recorded performance for Balcony TV at the Shangrila Hotel, Cairns with Kris Hutchison.

Life's About the Little Things - Carter and CarterCrocodiles are part of our North Queensland landscape. At times they can be found in places unexpected. With the need to be aware of their presence this song has a fun side to it while highlighting the respect demanded of them. Viewable on Balcony TV Cairns Portal, You Tube and Shirley Lynn Website.

"Blue Tonic" - Video - Live Performance by Blue Tonic Band
2015 - "Blue Tonic" written by Shirley Lynn - live recorded performance with Blue Tonic band at the Jack Hotel, Cairns with Kris Hutchison for Balcony TV.

Life's About the Little Things - Carter and Carter We all need a little blue tonic sometimes. A little blue tonic melts the blues away, A little blue tonic each and everyday, A little blue tonic there's no better way.
This video is viewable on Balcony TV Cairns Portal, You Tube and Shirley Lynn Website

"Take on Today"
- Duet - Rebeka Rain & Shirley Lynn
2015 - "Take on Today" co-written with Rebeka Rain, Mick Evans, Chris Ellis and Shirley Lynn. Recorded and released at Mel Pro Studio with Mick Evans.

Take on Today - Rebeka Rain & Shirley Lynn "Take on Today" - Sometimes we just have to put the past behind us to get on with today but respectfully leave it safe and sound.

Take on Today, let tomorrow know you're coming
Purchase music here.

"Liberty" – Debut EP - Silktones duo
2014 - Jim McCabe and Shirley Lynn released their EP "Liberty" which included six (6) songs. "Liberty", "No Matter What", "Her Waves", "Stay Awhile", "New Tomorrow", "Long Time Dead" Recorded at Tonic Sound, Yorkeys Knob. EP lauch at Mondos Cafe Bar and Grill.

LibertyEasy listening acoustic guitar album capturing vocal and instrumental flavours seasoned with slide, swing blues, country, pop and folk style influences. Riffs, rhythms and harmonies, these are the quality threads of "Silktones". There's a great big space from here to eternity People finding possibility... Purchase music here.

"My Kind of Paradise" - Single
2013 - "My Kind of Paradise" was recorded by Larry Cash - Port Douglas as the prize for winning - Song of Carnivale.

My Kind of ParadiseThis song expresses a love for North Queensland paradise where the rainforest meets the sea. It is about that and so much more. Paradise is already here. As we Taste, Watch, Dance and Play our ever changing experiences are coloured from the inside out. Purchase music here.

    "My Kind of Paradise" – Music Video

    2013 - "My Kind of Paradise" official video was released. A project funded by Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) in collaboration with Kyle Wilson [Little Earth Productions] Prezi Online Presentation, DVD project, posters, invitations and flyers created for a Premier Event held at Mondos Cafe Bar and Grill.

    My Kind of Paradise“My Kind of Paradise” music video was produced drawing on imagery from the North Queensland locality. North Queensland is a paradise. On any one day, the way we view the world is coloured by the dimension we have within as we paint ourselves into our own reality. Our vibrations are felt through our thoughts, responses and the actions we take.
    "Sea Turtle Quest" - Song Single
    2014 - "Sea Turtle Quest" was written and performed for the opening of the Seas Turtle Rehabilitation centre on Fitzroy Island where rescued sea turtles are cared for before being returned back to the ocean. Recorded at Tonic Sound by Peter Grayson.

    My Kind of Paradise The song tells the story from the perspective of a turtle asking for help. The song 's intention is to draw attention to the plight of the sea turtle and build awareness of the good work that happens in the Rehabilitations Centres in our locality. A call for help in the quest of survival for these amazing sea animals. Purchase music here.

    "It's About Time" - Debut EP

    2012 - Shirl released her debut EP, “It’s About Time”. This concept CD includes six (6) songs each relating to some aspect of time. 1. Procrastinator’s Lust 2. Yesterday’s Tomorrow 3. Grand Illusion 4. About Time 5. Two Hearts 6. Fly Like a Bird. Bass guitar and keyboard - Chris Ellis and flute - Morag Gane. Recorded at Grumpy Old Man Studios with Terry Doyle. EP Launch at Mondos Cafe Bar and Grill.

    It's About Time "The distinction between the past, present & future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion." Albert Einstein. "Time is an illusion we live within." Life's reality is viewed according to our interpretation of it. As you listen to the songs you'll hear harmonious melodies and heartfelt lyrics that are connecting and meaningful.
    Purchase music here.
Multifaceted Projects

Projects incorporating songwriting:

Cairns to Broome and Back - Road TrippersBarron River Dreaming"Barron River Dreaming" Project
The culminating document compilation of Family Research and Personal Anecdotes for Leslie Alfred Aldridge - "Snow", includes two songs inspired by the revealed history and stories told. These include "Barron River Dreaming" written by Shirley Lynn and "New Tomorrow" written and recorded by Jim McCabe and Shirley Lynn.

"Road Trippers" Project
The road trip from Cairns to Broome and Back provided inspiration for some creative writing. A document was produced telling the story about our trip and new songs were drafted inspired by the adventure and trip away. "Road Trippers Cross", "Kimberley Moon", "Staircase to the Moon", "Nature Calls". Published online at Issuu.

Performance Highlights

Some performance highlights have included:
* Tamworth Country Music Festival - 2020
* Music That Heals - Elixir Music Bar - 2019
* The Dag - Nundle Tamworth - 2019
* Tasman Turtle Family Picnic Day - TYTO Parklands - 2019
* Tablelands Folk Festival - Festival Song Circle 2018
* Tanks Songwriter Stage 2016 - 2018
* Mimi Tannaka Unplugged Photograph Exhibition Tanks - Edge Hill - 2017 Silktones
* Apres Beach Bar and Grill - Palm Cove - 2016
* Cairns Reef Feast - 2016
* "Turtles in Trouble” Exhibition – The Canopy, Cairns – 2015 Silktones
* Cairns Reef Casino, Opening for Kellie Knight & the Daze – 2015
* Atherton International Club - Opening for Max T Barnes – 2015
* Songwriters on the Waterfront, The Hilton 2011 - 2016
* Australia Day Big Breakfast – Palm Cove – 2015 Blue Tonic
* The Jack - Unplugged Acoustic Originals - 2015 Blue Tonic
* Cairns Esplanade - Regional Council Gigs – 2012 – 2015 Silktones, Blue Tonic
* Resonate – Ladies Night - The Grand - 2015
* Yorkeys Knob Community Events - 2010 - 2015 Blue Tonic
* Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures – 80th Birthday Celebration - 2014 Siltones
* Super Sunday of Song - Palm Cove Surf Club - 2014
* Finest Female Songwriters - The Jack Hotel - 2014
* Tanks Unplugged with Chris Wighton - Clarketown & Leanne Tennant CD Launch – 2014
* “Liberty” CD Launch 2014 Silktones
* Fitzroy Island Sea Turtle Hospital Opening- 2013
* Tablelander Showcase - The Locals Ball - Atherton – 2013
* Queensland Music Festival "Song Trails" - Tully – 2013
* ArtEscape Exhibition - Cairns Art Society - The Tanks - 2012, 2013 Silktones
* "It's About Time" CD Launch 2012


Following are some of the festivals played:
charters towers* Tamworth Country Music Festival - TSA Songwriter Showcases - 2020, 2016
* Tasman Turtle Family Picnic Day - Ingham - 2019
* Tablelands Folk Festival -2012 - 2016, 2018, 2019
* Festival of the Knob 2019, 2011 - 2015
* Rock This Country Blue, Kuranda - 2016
* Tablelands Folk Festival - one of three judges for Songwriting competition - 2015 - 2020
* Festival Cairns - Esplanade Stage - 2014
* Palm Cove Reef Feast - 2014 - 2016
* Mission Evolve Festival - 2012 - 2014

Venues played

Following are some of the venues played:
* The DAG, Nundle,Tamworth * Tamworth City Bowls Club, *Tamworth Family Zone Stage, * Tamworth City Hall * Square Man Inn, Tamoworth * TYTO Parklands, Ingham * Elixir Music Bar - Cairns * Tanks Precinct - Edgehill * Bluewater Tavern - Cairns * The Billabong - Kuranda * Court House Hotel - Resonate * Apres Beach Bar and Grill - Palm Cove * Cairns Airport - Domestic Terminal - Departures and Arrivals lounge * Cairns Esplanade and City Place * Mondos Café Bar and Grill – The Hilton, Cairns * Shangrila Hotel - Cairns * Irish Murphy’s – Hobart * Hog’s Breath Café – Tamworth * Post Office Hotel – Tamworth * Hog’s Breath Peel Street Stage - Tamworth * McGintys Irish Bar – Cairns * Strait on the Beach – Holloways * Rusty's Markets * Kewarra Beach Resort & Spa * Palm Cove Surf Club * Palm Cove Tavern * Cairns Show Pavilion * Botanical Gardens and Tanks Precinct * Hartleys Crocodile Adventures - Cairns * Barron River Hotel - Cairns * Canopy Gallery - Cairns * The Tanks - Edgehill * Voodooz * Green Ant Cantina * Paddywacks * Tablelands Music Lovers Shed – Atherton * Yungaburra Hotel * Ivanhoes Rugby League Club * Royal Hotel - Herberton * The Jack Hotel - Cairns * The Inn * The Grand Hotel – Cairns * The Railway Hotel - Cairns * Ellis Beach Surf Life Saving Club * Half Moon Golf Club * Holloways Sporting Complex - Cairns * The Cock and Bull - Cairns * The Balaclava Hotel - Cairns * Redlynch Hotel * Raintrees Tavern - Cairns * Balcony TV at Shangrila * 12 Bar Blues - Cairns * The Art House * Clifton Capers * Bernie’s Piano Bar - Cairns * Cooktown Bowls Club * Private functions, birthdays, weddings, presentations, parties

Community, Fundraising and Charity Events:

Community, Fundraising and Charity Events:
* Music That Heals * Relay for Life * Duchene Foundation – Racing for a Cure * Trinity Beach State School – Ma Baker’s Tonic & Tropicarnivale * Movember Blues * Yorkeys Carols by Candlelight * Yorkeys Festival of the Knob

Musical Influences

Musical influences to name but a few have included:
Kasey Chambers, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Lucinda Williams, Joni Mitchell, Kristina Olsen, Olivia Newton John, Dixie Chicks, Emmylou Harris, Cyndi Lauper, Chrissy Amphlett...

In more recent times, gravitated listening now includes the songs of Leonard Cohen, Patti Smith, Allison Krauss, Gabrielle Chilme, Katie Melleur, Paul Simon, Passenger, Beth Hart and John Prine.

Early Music Days

Born on the Atherton Tablelands the joy for music was nurtured by Shirl in earlier days when she was a performer playing at local venues around the Tablelands mainly as a solo artist.

> More photographs and information about Shirley's early music days

Shirley has performed in and around Cairns in past years as a solo performer, part of the Silktones duo and member of Blue Tonic band.
More details available from the links below:

Shirley Lynn photographs

Shirley Lynn Music
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