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Cairns to Nashville Song Comp Heat Judges: Keesha Mclean, Brett Charles, Ray Elias
Judges summary:
"Congratulations, 3 great songs with wonderful meaning and warmth. You have such a positive & welcoming aura on stage which we thoroughly enjoyed... Thankyou!"

The Great American Song Contest
Judges evaluation - comment highlights for song, "My Kind of Paradise"
"The rhythms and world musical elements are very entertaining. The musical aspects of this song are excellent....
Keep writing and learning the craft. There is a diamond in the rough here!"

Alan Gilmour, Director, Australian Songwriters Association Inc.
Australian Songwriters Association
Song Evaluation: "Peacekeeper's Song"

"I enjoyed listening to your song. To me, it is very much a traditional ballad with a very relevant story to tell. Typical of traditional ballads it is a universal tale and in this case is relevant to today's situation where so many soldiers have left these shores to travel to Afghanistan. Your lyrics are strong and your introduction sets the scene for what is about to come. Your story tugs at all the right emotions. You have added an extra moral dimension in your chorus with the concept of "Nobdody wins a war" which adds that extra touch of poignancy to get the listeners thinking. Well done. "

"Your melody is both catchy and solid and is a strong traditional ballad melody which works well with the lyrics. Whilst the melody is original it is still traditional in form. Some minor chords help add some dramatic effect. Very suitable for the concept."

"It is a fairly standard arrangement for vocals and guitar but this is not a criticism because the arrangement works well with the song. Guitar accompaniment is all that is really needed for this genre of song. One good feature is the use of harmony which adds another texture to the vocals."

"Quite a defined structure of verse and chorus as would be expected. Everything flows well and I found the big finish to be satisfying."

"You have a good voice for this sort of song: clear and expressive and strong when needed. Your diction is good and the listener can hear every word that was sung. Overall the song is a tight unit with a satisfying performance. Once again the harmony is a good feature."

"This sounds very much like a home recording into a single microphone, but reflects how it would sound in a live environment. The harmony appears to have been added later and is a good feature."

Overall Impression:
"Overall I am very impressed with this song. It is true to genre and has the performance to match. The story is well understood by all listeners. The song would feature well in a live performance environment such as a coffee shop or small auditorium. Well done."

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